I speed up your innovations from your first ideas to a pilot project.

Need help going through an entire innovation project? Or only a specific part? Like the building of a prototype or an artist impression to convince your clients? No problem! I have over 10 years of experience working on innovative projects. Feel free to send me a message or look around on my website.

What do you need?

I am specialized in the first steps of new product innovation. Getting those ideas out of your head and in the hands of your stakeholders. I can work together with your multi-disciplinary team or tackle the challenges alone. My goal is to help you to meet your customers’ wishes.


Together we polish your rough diamond ideas. Then I turn them into clear visuals for communication. It can be a series of sketches, a photoshopped artist impression or 3D rendering.


Building different prototypes and experiments to test the feasibility of a concept. These prototypes can range from a simple form to a working model.


Creating the first pilot series of your innovation. I will source materials and work with manufacturers to create that first small batch.

Solo & Duo
Making ultra lightweight solar panels a reality
Smart Teams
Strategic and dynamic training for every sport and team

Some of the clients I have worked with

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