Innovaties tot leven brengen



Innovatieve ideeën omzetten naar solide concepten



Realiseren van pilot-projecten of de pilot-run van een product.



Het begint met een eerste idee, een vonk met inspiratie, maar nu moet je andere gaan overtuigen van je idee.... Studio Stefan Zwegers kan dit beetje briljantie omzetten naar een sterk eerste concept. Hiermee overtuigt u uw klanten, beoogde gebruiker, baas of mogelijke investeerders. Ongeacht of het een digitaal of fysiek product is, Studio Stefan Zwegers brengt uw idee tot leven!Hoe? Door bijvoorbeeld een artist impression, animatie of prototype.Bekijk deze projecten voor voorbeelden. Kunt u niet wachten? Neem dan direct contact op!


Studio Stefan Zwegers kan u en uw team helpen met brainstorm om innovatieve ideeën te bedenken.


Uw verhaal communiceren op een heldere en spannende manier kan zeer uitdagend zijn. Studio Stefan Zwegers kan uw visie en verhaal omzetten naar een aantrekkelijke animatie  of video om deze te kunnen communiceren naar uw beoogde publiek.


You often only have one shot to succefully communicate your moment of brilliance to a client, your fellow colleagues or boss. Studio Stefan Zwegers can help you shape your vision and turn it into a convincing artist impression. It can be a photoshopped image, animated GIF, 3D-rendering with Keyshot, a sketch or a combination of these.


Sometimes an idea just has to be experienced to see it's full potential. Studio Stefan Zwegers can make a proof of concept prototype that brings that experience to life. This can be an interactive protype on screen or for instance a physical prototype out of the 3D-printer.


People are enthousiastic about the presented vision, the target user has already started saving and investors are getting interested. Studio Stefan Zwegers can help you to further develop the initial concept. How? By zooming in even further on your business model, value proposition and the customer journey. Exploring different technologies, interactions and designs through prototyping and testing. Delivering initial cost calculations and information about possible suppliers. Everything you need to freeze the concept and get a GO for a pilotrun. Check out these projects for examples. Can't wait? Don't hesistate and contact me!


A product or service should create value on different levels. Value for the user, value for business and value for you. Through making different value propositons for your concept we can identify which is most suited and will hopefully give you that return on investment. Once a good value proposition is set-up, it can be used during the design process to make, plan and evaluate design choices and keep the overall overview. Discovered needs from for instance the customer journey research are now more easily to turn into meaningful product features and services.


In the end you want a healthy business model and in most cases make a nice profit. Having a good cost calculation helps to make sensible choices in the design process and keep your ambitions realistic. Furthermore it will give insight into the possible costs of the pilot project.


Whether it is a brand new product or service or the improvement of an existing one, it is good to know a products lifecycle. Immersing into the customer journey, mapping it and identifying the different stakeholders, interactions and user needs. A good customer journey acts as a strong foundation for your value proposition and therefore business case.


Testing different assumptions made in the design process through prototyping is crucial to make sensible design choices. Whether it is testing different kinds of materials, choice of sensing technology, shape or interactions in a usertest; Studio Stefan Zwegers can make the right prototype, do the testing and analyze the results.


The concept is frozen and you need to convince your colleagues, boss or investors to do a Pilot run. Studio Stefan Zwegers can help you with creating a presentation to blow them away.


The concept is frozen and ready to be tested on a larger scale. Studio Stefan Zwegers can help you with getting those first 100 prototypes  made. How? Sourcing and quality testing the different components, creating technical specsheets and files and working together with suppliers to get the best and economically viable result. Check out these projects for examples. Can't wait to hold your idea in your hands? Contact me today!


Finding the right components can be a true scavenger hunt. Studio Stefan Zwegers can take these worries away by finding the components and suppliers that are best for the project and make the bill of materials for you.


Often you will need custom parts when making innovative products. Studio Stefan Zwegers can make the technical drawings and specsheets to communicate your wishes to a supplier.


Getting the components you ordered can be quite an adventure, especially when working with foreign suppliers such as from Asia. Studio Stefan Zwegers can do this supplier contact for you.


Some projects need to be installed outdoors. Studio Stefan Zwegers can plan and manage the construction on site. Studio Stefan Zwegers has a VCA Leidinggevenden certificate.