Prodrive Technologies wanted to be totally in control of their production lines and asked me to come up with a first concept for one of the units. The design should optimize the speed and working conditions for the Prodrive operators and be recognizable as a Prodrive product. The unit is a pcb conveyor that transports the pcb's through the production line during manufacturing. Some of these units have a scanner to track the pcb's during the process.



User research and artist impressions

The project started with by observing and interviewing the operators at the existing production line. By looking at their workplaces and talking to them I was able to spot design opportunities to incorporate into the design. A good example is the color of the top of the unit. The scanner uses light to scan the barcodes. A dark color on the top works best, because it reflects less light. The existing unit was a polished light grey color and the operator used black ductape to darken to top. From these findings I came up with different concepts and made several artist impressions.